Baptism is Not Just for the Hired Gun

Read John 4.1-4

Therefore when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John (although Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were),
(John 4:1-2)

I find it interesting that Jesus was not baptizing the people but it was his disciples. I have long believed that all believers should be practicing the Great Commission, all of it. Disciplemakers ought to be baptizing the ones they are discipling. We will quickly say that every believer needs to practice the Great Commission. But only two of the three components for making a disciple can be practiced by the common believer; Going and Teaching. Why not baptizing? Why must a person be ordained before they baptize someone they are bringing along in the faith? I firmly believe this is a “priesthood of the believer” issue that we protestants hold so dear. Yet we do not allow the unordained to fully practice the Great Commission (Mt 28.18-20).

A Word to Congregants: Hopefully you have placed yourself under the authority of a spiritual leader. Before you run off and start baptizing the flock, check in with the pastor or chaplain and find out what his views are in this area. Perhaps he will let you baptize the folks you are discipling with certain parameters. There are dangers in just running around and dunking people without knowing what you are doing. Get permission and get trained.

A Word to Pastors: Are you tired of everyone looking to you to do all the ministry? When you ask people to share their faith do they respond by saying “Oh no Pastor, that what we pay you to do.” Perhaps you have inadvertently sent the message that you are the only one qualified to do such things. You have shot yourself in the foot by doing things that every Christian can do (and should do). If you are training leaders to disciple others, train them to baptize others as well. If your leaders frown on letting your congregants baptize, get them in the water to help you. Two people can baptize one person just fine. This will send a strong message to your congregation about their roles in the ministry. I know we have some cultural obstacles to overcome but sense when does culture trump the Word of God. Every man a disciplemaker! FJ31

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