Jesus in Colossians (2.1-12)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 36/100. WHEWHOO! Alabama way of saying Hallelujah. 36 is our highest ever. Thanks for praying for the Army work! )

That we would know and experience the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in Jesus

That we would be filled with His presence in our day-to-day activities

Pray for Fort Bliss (Staff: Rusty and Eleanor Bean, Allan and Tiffany Taylor)

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Jesus in Colossians (2.1-12)

Jesus is referred to 22 times in chapter 2

He is the fullness of understanding and knowledge of God’s mystery 2

He has all treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Him 3

He merits good order and firmness in our faith 5

He is to be received as Lord 6

He is to be walked (lived) in 6

He is to be rooted, built, and established in our lives 7

He is the antithesis of the world 8

He is the full embodiment of deity 9

He fills believers 10

He is the head of all rule and authority 10

He has circumcised all believers with a spiritual circumcision 11

He buries and raises His believers from a spiritual death 12

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