Jesus in the Gospel of John (4.27-54)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 16/100)

Pray that we would become enthusiastic witnesses for Jesus

That we would reap a great harvest in the US Army

Pray for our staff working with ROTC (Drew and Kim Vandergrift, Eric and Dorita Deierlein, Dan and Lois Coutcher, Roy and Debbie Garren, Ralph and Cheylene Gavilan)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (4.27-54)

Jesus created an enthusiastic witness of the women 29

He drew crowds through the changing of individuals 30

He had nourishment that His disciples didn’t understand 32

His real nourishment was to do what His Father told Him to 34

He compared the harvest of souls to the harvest of fruit 35

He told His disciples they were harvesting fruit for eternal life 36

His disciples were harvesting where they had not sown 37-38

He was initially believed in because of the woman’s testimony 39

He stayed with the Samaritans 2 days 40

He convinced them beyond the woman’s testimony that He was the Messiah 41-42

He is the Savior of the world 42

He spoke the proverb that a prophet is not without honor except in His own country 43

He was received by those in Galilee because they saw the miracles at the feast 45

He was approached by an royal official who want his son healed 46

He responds by rebuking the people for wanting another sign (?) 48

He heals the official’s son by simply speaking the word 50

His miraculous healing converted the man’s whole family 53

He had performed two significant signs in Galilee 54

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