Jesus in the Gospel of John (4.1-26)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 15/100)

Pray that we will press through traditions and social norms to lead people to Christ

That we have the skill that Jesus has in sharing truth and not being deflected by secondary issues

That all our deployed soldiers would enjoy a safe and peaceful Christmas

For our Military Director and his wife, Dave and Melo Mead

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (4.1-26)

Jesus was aware of His enemies’ thinking 1

He was not baptizing, His disciples were 2

He intentionally passed through Samaria, an unclean land 4

He went to Jacob’s well 5

He got tired like any other human 6

He asked a Samaritan woman for water 7

He broke with social norms 9

He began to engage her in a spiritual conversation 10

He continues to zero in on her need rather than speaking of Himself 13

He gets her to the point of spiritual desire and then leads her toward repentance 16

He reveals that He knows about her sinful life 17-18

He stays to task and is not distracted by her theological deflections 19-24

He tells her about what true worship looks like 24

He flat out tells her He is the Messiah 26

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