The importance of being saturated with the Word

Read Mt 4.1-11, Mk 1.12-13, Lk 4.1-13

When Jesus is temped in the wilderness, He leans heavily on the Word of God as His defense. But quoting a verse may not be enough to shield one from the stealthy attacks of the evil one. In one of the temptations the Devil actually uses the Word of God as a weapon. Jesus rebuts the attack by saying, “on the other hand” and quotes a balancing scripture verse. In other words Jesus is so proficient with the Scriptures that He parries His enemies miss guided thrust with another verse of Scripture. He interprets Scripture with Scripture placing the verse in its proper biblical context and application. This is evidence that Jesus was completely immersed in the Word of God. There is a big difference between being familiar and being proficient. FJ18

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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