Jesus in Colossians (3.1-25)

Happy Thanksgiving

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 25/100)

Lord we are so thankful for using us to advance your Kingdom in the Army. You have brought us from 8 functioning ministries 4 years ago to 27 navigator ministries across the Army today.

Thank you for the 16 staff we have in training and the 100s of laborers who faithfully proclaim the name of Jesus to our soldiers

Thanks for Ft Campbell (Staff: James and Monica Carter, Mike and Liz Chong, Joseph and Mercy Ebuen, Mark and Camie Green, Noel and Cary Nelson, Victor and Natasha Padilla)

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Jesus in Colossians (3.1-25)

Jesus is referred to 20 times in Chapter 3

He gives new life 1

He is seated at the right hand of God 1

He has hidden our lives in His 3

He is our life 4

When He appears in glory, we will be with Him 4

He is renewing us in His image 10

He is all and in all 11

He has forgiven us and expects us to forgive others 13

He gives peace 15

His word is meant to dwell in us richly 16

He merits the best in all our efforts 17

He merits our thankfulness 17

He merits a wife’s submission to her husband and a husband’s love for his wife 18-19

He merits a child’s obedience to their parent 20

He merits fear 22

He merits our wholehearted work 23

He will give us our inheritance 24

He merits our service 24

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