All in a Day’s Work

Read Mat 8.14-17, Mk 1.29-34, Lk 4.38-41

Jesus begins His day by teaching in the synagogue and casting out a demon. (Mark 1.21-26) After church, which apparently lasted into the afternoon, He heals a Centurion’s servant (Matthew 8.5-13) and Peter’s mother-in-law. (Mark 1.29-31) By sundown the whole city is at the door waiting to see Dr. Jesus. (Mark 1.32-34) He heals many so it probably went late into the night. Before the crack of dawn, He was out of the house getting some time alone with the Father. (Mark 1.35) And probably about sun up His disciples find Him and inform Him the town’s people are looking for Him for another day at the clinic. He presses on to the next town and starts the whole process over again.

Our Lord sets an amazing example in work ethic. I’ve tried to keep this kind of pace in disciplemaking but couldn’t! He exhibited an incredible capacity and endurance in His day to day work of serving. Although we would probably fall short if we tried to keep up, I think there is a lesson for us here. Work hard in the Kingdom. Sometime I think we treat our relationship with God or our ministry like a hobby, strictly entertainment. We would certainly stay late if the boss asked us to or work up a good sweat playing basketball with the guys. Why not put a little sweat on the brow working in the Father’s vineyard? Consider the following questions:

· Ever miss a meal for the sake of disciplemaking?
· Up early or to bed late in order to help someone?
· Change your plans with family to talk to someone in need?
· Are interruptions an opportunity for ministry or an inconvenience?

If these are happening on a regular basis, welcome to the Kingdom work. You are becoming like more Jesus.
(Don’t worry we’ll talk about rest too)

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