The Calling of Samuel (1 Sam 1.1-11)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 22/100, Thanks you Lord for all those who are praying with me for the Army work.)

Help us to endure ridicule and hardship as we are used for the Lord’s purposes

Help us to raise and dedicate our children for service in His Kingdom for the next generation

Pray for Fort Rucker (Staff: Liz and Alan Simmons, Perry and Debbie Alliman)

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Observations for the Calling of Samuel (1 Sam 1.1-11)

The Power of a Godly Mom

Samuel’s calling begins with a barren wife named Hannah 1

They were a godly family 3-5

The LORD had caused this barrenness 5-6

She was looked down upon by the other wife 6

She endured her barrenness and maltreatment 7

She was conscious of her husbands feelings but went to God for help 8-11

She dedicated her son to the LORD 11

Samuel’s calling began with his mother’s distress and commitment to the LORD

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