Forms of God’s Calling

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 23/100. 23 people praying, that is our high to date. Let’s keep recruiting to our prayer team. We are looking for 100 people praying daily!)

Pray that men and women from our work will be missionaries all over the world

That God would give us committed laborers for His Kingdom in the Army

Pray for Fort Polk (Staff: Kevin and Shannon Lambert, Jon Spenn)

Answers to prayer: Doug Cote is doing much better and Tina Fajardo is recovering very nicely and has regained 20/20 vision. All Service Directors had their first conference call today and things are looking great for the military mission of the Navigators.

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Forms of God’s Calling

Mystical – Moses and the burning bush (Ex 3.1-11), Paul and the blinding light (Acts 9.1-9)

Logical – A man’s Desire to be an overseer (1 Tim 3.1-7), the 12 following Jesus (Mt 4.19, Mt 10.1-2, Mk 3.13-14, Lk 6.12-13)

Combination of Both – Jesus growing into His calling and hearing from God (Lk 2.40, Mt 1.16, Mk 1.10, Lk 3.22, Jn 1.32-33), Paul’s Missionary Journey into Asia Minor (Acts 16.6-10 Paul making decisions and then the HS directing) David being chosen by Samuel the prophet (1 Sam 16.1-13)

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