Jesus in the Gospel of John (1.1-23)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 14/100)

Pray that our ministries would experience the depths of grace and truth in Christ

That we would be the reflection of the Light of Jesus to the world

Pray for the Pentagon and DC Area (Staff: Bill and Mary Veilleux, Bubba and Joy Lewis, Jim and Khris Orbock)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (1.1-23)

Jesus was in the Beginning 1

He is the Word 1

He is God 1

He was with God in the beginning 2

He was the medium by which all things were created 3

He is Life 4

He is the Light of Men 4

He shines into darkness and the darkness did not comprehend Him 5

He was proclaimed by John the Baptist as the light so all would believe in Him 6

He was the True Light 9

He came into the world to enlighten every man 9

He was in the world that He made and it did not recognize Him 10

He came to His own people and they did not receive Him 11

He gave the right to be Children of God to those who did believe and receive Him 12

He gave the right to be born of God 13

He became flesh and lived with us 14

He showed us His glory that came from the Father 14

He is full of grace and truth 14

He was a higher rank than John the Baptist and existed before him 15

He gives fullness and grace upon grace 16

He helps us to experience grace and truth 17

He has explained God 18

He had a fore-messenger named John the Baptist 19-23

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