Jesus in the Gospel of John (1.24-51)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 21/100 Looking for some more prayer warriors, any suggestions?)

Pray that we would teach people to ask the questions that would lead to communion with Jesus

That we would recognize Jesus for who He really is

Pray for the Defense Language Institute (Staff: Bob and Char Reehm, Dave and Naomi Beskow)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (1.24-51)

Jesus was not known by the Pharisees 26

He comes after John the Baptist 27

He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world 29

He is the one John said existed before him and He was a higher rank 30

He had the Spirit of God descend on Him like a dove 32-33

He is the Son of God according to John the Baptist 34

He hung out in John’s ministry 35

He was called the Lamb of God by John the Baptist 36

He was followed by two of John’s disciples 35

He was called Rabbi by the two disciples 38

He invited the two disciples of John to hang out for the afternoon 39

He was called the Messiah by Andrew 41

He changed people’s names (Simon to Cephas) 42

His ministry included a lot traveling 43

He asked Philip to follow Him 43

He was called a fulfillment of Moses’ and the prophets prophesies 45

He was from Nazareth and the son of Joseph 45

He knew men’s character before meeting them 47

He knew things that transcended the limits of space and time 48

He was called the Son of God and the King of Israel by Nathanael 49

He knew the future 50-51

He called Himself the Son of Man 51

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