Jesus in Ephesians (6.1-24)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 25/100)

Pray that we would teach and model an incorruptible love for the Lord Jesus Christ

Pray that all we do in work, play, and ministry would be pleasing to God

Pray for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield (Staff: John and Sarah Beth Kreitzer, Cecil and Jeanie Bean, Rachel von Minden, Matt and Rose Chao)

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Jesus in Ephesians (6.1-24)

Jesus is referred to 13 times in chapter 6

He merits a child’s obedience to his parents 1

His instructions are to be the standard for raising children 4

He merits the type obedience that goes beyond mere men-pleasing 5-6

He merits the quality of service for men to transcend human pleasure but becomes that which ultimately pleases God 7

He repays a man for His good deeds 8

He is Master of all men 9

He shows no partiality 9

He is the source of our strength 10

He has ministers 21

He provides peace to the brothers and love with faith 23

He can be loved by us with an incorruptible love 24

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