Jesus in the Gospel of John (5.19-47)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 18/100)

Pray that just as Jesus followed the model of the Father, we will follow the model of Jesus

That our works will be a testimony to those around us of Jesus’ love and Lordship

Pray for Carlisle Barracks (Staff: Larry and Rita Sherbondy)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (5.19-47)

Jesus can’t do anything unless it has been modeled by the Father 19

He does what the Father does in the same way 19

He is loved by the Father 20

He is shown Him what His Father is doing 20

He was shown great works 20

He raised people from the dead just as the Father had 21

He gives life to whom ever He wishes 21

He has been given all authority to judge by the Father 22

He receives equal honor as the Father 23

He was sent by the Father 23

He has the words of eternal life 24

He speaks to the dead and they come to life 25

He has life in Him and the Father has life 26

He has been given the authority to execute judgment 27

He calls Himself the “Son of man” 27

He is able to communicate to the physically dead 28

He will judge the dead based on their deeds 29

He can’t do anything on His own initiative 30

He judges what hears and His judgment is just because He seeks the will of the Father 30

He does not testify of Himself alone 31

He know another’s (John the Baptist) testimony of Him is true 32-33

He has a testimony that is no from man 34

He is saying these things so that men may be saved 34

He calls John the Baptist a Light 35

He says the works the Father gave are a greater testimony than John 36

He did the works the Father gave Him to do 36

He is validated by His works that the Father sent Him 36

He was validated by the Father 37

He is the object of the Scriptures 39

He doesn’t receive glory from man 41

He knew those who didn’t have the love of God abiding in them 42

He came in His Father’s name 43

He wont accuse the leaders of His day, Moses will 45

He was written of by Moses 46

He and Moses words validate His coming from the Father 47

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