Jesus in the Gospel of John (14.18-31)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 11/100)

Pray that we would demonstrate our love to Him by keeping His commands

Pray that we would be taught awesome things by the Holy Spirit about Jesus and how to love people

Pray for all those serving in the DC area (Staff: Warren and Joy George,Bubba and Joy Lewis, Jim and Khris Orbock)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (14.18-31)

Jesus will not abandon us as orphans 18

He wont be seen by the world but only by His chosen believers 19

His resurrection demonstrates His unity with the Father and our unity with Him 20

His followers that love Him keep His commands 21

He will disclose Himself to those who keep His commands 21

He is the avenue by which God makes His abode with man 23

He speaks the Father’s word 24

He told His disciples many things while He was with them 25

His Holy Spirit will teach His disciples many things and help them remember His words 26

He gives them peace 27

His Father is greater than He 28

He told His disciples ahead of time so that they may believe 29

He is not governed by the ruler (Satan) of this world 30

He loved the Father and proved it by doing exactly what the Father told Him to do 31

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