Jesus in the Gospel of John (18.19-40)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 34/100)

Lord protect us from denying you in any form. Help us to be people of truth. And we pray for the men and women stationed at Fort Bragg (Staff: Dennis and Shirley Abell, Sue Alspach, Dave and Marilyn Coffield, Doug and Kim Cote, Ben and Betts Kayser, David and Karen Linquist, Alonzo and Dana Murray, John and Jess Snyder)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (18.19-40)

Jesus was questioned by the High Priest Annas 19

He spoke His message openly 20

He had many witnesses to what He said and did 21

He was struck by His own creation 22

He was struck for a statement of truth 23

He was sent to another high priest named Caiaphas 24

He had predicted Peter’s denial 25-27

He was sent the Romans (Pilate) 28

He predicted the kind of death He would die 32

He asked questions when being questioned 34

His Kingdom is not of the this world 36

He is a King 37

He was born to testify of the truth 37

He was found “not guilty” by the Romans 38

His life was traded by the Jews for a robber 40

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