Jesus in the Gospel of John (19.1-22)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 35/100)

Father help us to remember our cruelty to You when you visited us in the form of Your Son and cause us to repent of our rebellion toward you and men. Help us and the men and women we minister to fully embrace the gift of grace You offer us through Your sacrifice on the cross. Lord we ask that You reveal these powerful truths to the men and women of Fort Campbell (Staff: James and Monica Carter, Mike and Liz Chong, Joe and Mercy Ebuen, Noel and Cary Nelson, Victor and Natasha Padilla)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (19.1-22)

Jesus was scourged by His own creation (Romans) 1

He was tortured by His own creation (Romans) 2-3

He was mocked by His own creation (Romans) 2-3, 5

He was found not guilty (Romans) 4

He was seen a man 5

His crucifixion was demanded by the Jews 6

He claimed to be the Son of God (and indeed He is) 7

He scared Pilate 8

He didn’t answer some of Pilate’s questions 9

He knew that what was happening was by the authority of God 11

He was hated by the Jews who demanded His death 12

He was called a King by Pilate in a sarcastic way 14

He was finally handed over to the Roman soldiers for crucifixion 16

He carried His cross to Golgotha 17

He was crucified between to men 18

He was labeled the King of the Jews by Pilate 19

He was not claimed as the King by the Jews 21

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