Jesus in the Gospel of John (18.1-18)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 29/100)

Pray that God would give a place to retreat and that we would spend time with Him there

Pray that we would have the level of confidence and commitment to do the Father’s will no matter what the cost.

Pray for Fort Bliss (Staff: Rusty and Eleanor Bean Stephanie Ruwet, Allan and Tiffany Taylor)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (18.1-18)

Jesus went to the garden before He was betrayed 1

He had been to this garden often with His disciples 2

He knew “all things that were coming upon Him” (how He would be captured and killed) 4

He was brave and introduced Himself to His killers 4-5

He instilled fear in His captors 6

He practically forced himself on His killers 7-8

He protected His disciples by requesting their release 8

He fulfilled Scripture by protecting His disciples 9

He rebuked Peter for defending Him and assured him He could protect Himself 11

He was determined to do the Father’s will 11

He was arrested and taken before the High Priest (a company of Roman and Jewish authorities) 12-14

He was prophesied over as a Savior by a man who unwittingly sacrifice Him for the people 14

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