Read Matthew 19.1-12

“The disciples said to Him, “If the relationship of the man with his wife is like this, it is better not to marry.” (Matthew 19:10)


As a Chaplain, I counseled hundreds of couples who had made a train wreck of their marriage. Most expected me to wave a magic wand and “poof” everything was better. Instead, I would lay out a plan for them to work their way back into a healthy relationship. Why do we expect this to be easy? You can see our attitude in the statement made by the disciples, “Man, if I have to work at this thing, I may as well not even start.” Jesus says it could work for those with the gift of celibacy but not for the normal Joe and Josie. Couples need to realize that marriage is work. Love is work. God expects us to be diligent in the labor of love. It’s amazing to see what can happen when we put a little elbow grease into our relationships. Theres no such thing as maintenancefree marriage.

Are you giving daily attention to your relationships?

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