Principle #2 – Passionate and Persistent Prayer

Think of Jesus when it comes to His personal attitude toward prayer. We see Him praying often (Lk 5.16), early (Mk 1.35), and at times, all night (Lk 6.12). Jesus was always praying and if anyone could have afforded to live a life of prayerlessness, it was the Son of God. And yet He was constantly communing with the Father in prayer because He was convinced that He couldn’t do a thing without the Father (Jn 5.19). The Father was where His power came from and the foundation for His life and ministry.
We need to ask ourselves this question; Was it merely minutes or hours of prayer per week that gave Jesus the ability to cast out a demon on the spot when His disciples could not and He said “these only come out with much prayer”? (Mk 9.14-29) And was it just quantity or quality as well?
If we expect to be anything like Jesus and see miraculous movements of the gospel that radically change peoples lives by the hundreds and thousands (or even one lost soul), we need to be people of passionate and persistent prayer! Our prayer lives declare our attitude on where we think the power to live our lives and feed His sheep comes from. Much prayer equals dependence on the power of God. Little prayer equals, “No thanks Jesus, I got this!” It’s as simple as that. (Lk 18.1-8, Mt 7.7-11)
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