Staying a Healthy Church

NPL’s goal is not house church, building church, simple church, legacy church, or organic church. It’s healthy church. I really love what Brett and Abigail have done the last two years with the church they lead. They take the church circles illustration and start over again by asking this question; “What functions of the church are we healthy in and what are not?” Healthy functions stay in the circle. Functions that need improvement are put on the outside and goals are set to improve in these areas. The discussion was filled with honesty, humility, and compassion. The Church Circles is not a “one and done” exercise. I like a church that is willing to walk in the light and beg Jesus to draw them closer individually and corporately.

Call to Action: Read Acts 2.36-47 and use the Church Circles Template to assess your church’s health. Click Here

Author: Chuck & Deb

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