Don’t Quit

Read Mt 24.13, Heb 10.32, 12.2, Jam 1.3-4, 5.11 – In this morning’s reading I was bombarded with the word “endurance.” Back in the day I was a triathlete (Swim, Bike, Run). Yes, I know, hard to believe but true 🙂 Each event had it’s pain and discomfort that I had to endure. The trick to finishing the race was to push through the challenging points until you fell back into some kind of rhythm. And because I had experienced the fear of water, sitting on a seat the size of your hand, and the led leg transition from bike to the run many times before, I knew I could press on and finish the race. Our goal in this life is to press through all the pain and discomfort and keep loving God and People. Finishing like this would be a great victory! Are we motivated by what waits for us at the finish line? Is the glory of God enough to keep us going?

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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