The Ugly Side –

Read Mt 26.20-30, Mk 14.17-26, Lk 22.14-30, Jn 13.21-30 – Jesus had just explained that one of His very own would betray Him. The initial response was very humble; “Is it I?” But then it as if someone flipped a switch and pride’s ugly head begins to rise. You can almost hear the disciples saying; “Yeah, yeah, good story, Jesus. But anyway, which one of us is the greatest?” Incredible! And what does Jesus do? He washes their feet! Amazing! But before we start casting stones at the Apostles, haven’t we had our moments of selfishness and pride. Haven’t we turned on a dime and went from humble to haughty in seconds. I thank God for the disciples and their weaknesses. It’s like looking in a mirror. In a warped kind of way they give me hope. 🙂

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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