Thinking with a Purpose –

Read Ps 119.97 – Why am I writing these daily devos? Really two reasons; first and foremost, it’s because it helps me meditate (think with a purpose) on what I just read. And secondly, maybe it will have some benefit to you. 🙂 But the art of meditation is so important. It’s what helps us digest the Word of God so that it goes from the Head, to the Heart, and eventually to the Hands. Let me make my point with a question; Have you ever finished reading something and then wondered what you just read? It’s like we were on auto pilot and cruised through the text but have no recollection of the journey. That’s why I highlight, underline, write a small prayer in the margin of my Bible, or cook up a short devotional for Facebook. It forces me to go back a meditate on what I just read. Are we digesting the Word when we read or listen? Are we 4th Soil People everyday when we meditate on the seed that just fell on us?

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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