Carry On

Then some soldiers asked him, ‘And what should we do?’ [John the Baptist] replied, ‘Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely–be content with your pay.’ (Luke 3:14)

Ever wonder what God thinks about our profession? John the Baptist gives us a clue as one of God’s spokesman. He was one of the top prophets of all time (Matthew 11:11). John was in the business of telling people about the coming of Christ and Repentance (getting your life straight). His message was simple, ‘Stop living in sin and start living for God.’ Now you know with a message like that, he’s a straight shooter. John wouldn’t pull any punches if he saw sin in a persons life. But, when some soldiers came to him for advice, notice what he did not tell them. He didn’t say “stop soldiering” as though it were a sin to be a warrior. No, he tells them “don’t abuse your power and carry on (be content with your wages)”. So, Guardian of Freedom, Giver of Liberty, and Keeper of Peace do what’s right and carry on.

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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