Emotional Intelligence –

Read (Mt 28.1-8, Mk 16.1-11, Lk 24.1-11, Jn 20.1-2) –  One of the benefits of reading the Harmony of the Gospels is that you pick up on different emotions. For instance, when the women return from the tomb of our risen Savior, they experience a whirlwind of emotions; “So they departed quickly and ran from the tomb. Trembling, astonishment, and great joy overwhelmed them.” (Sync) Wow! Can you imagine feeling all these things at once? And yet it gives us a clearer picture of the story. Emotions bring the story to life and pull us in a little closer as we identify with the characters. While reading the Scriptures, make sure you identify all the emotions. Meditate on them. Are we reading the Word like a text book or a personal letter? Are we walking with these real life characters in such a way that it transforms our lives?

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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