Finding the Interested

Read Mt 2.1-12

Jesus polarized people even as an infant. Simeon, Anna and the Magi were very excited to see the coming of the King. But not everyone was happy. King Herod and the people of Jerusalem were “troubled” by the whole thing (Mat 2.3) I find evangelism much easier when I’m talking to people who want to talk about Jesus rather than oppose Him. I don’t feel like I’m jamming the gospel down their throat. This is where the invitation to church or Bible study really comes in handy. “Hey we have a Bible Study and we are studying Jesus, would you like to come?” You know pretty quickly whether they are interested and it culls out those who are not. I invite a lot of people to discover Jesus and a lot of hungry folks show up. Using this simple technique has lead to greater effectiveness in leading people to Christ. Make it a habit to invite folks to something that tests their appetite. FJ18

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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