Discipleship begins with Preparation

Read Mk 1.1-6, Lk 3.1-6, Mt 3.1-6

Getting soldiers ready for combat is the primary objective of TPLs (Troop Leading Procedures) There are orders to give, inspections to conduct and rehearsals to perform. All in preparatory to accomplish the mission. It seems God does a lot of preparation as well. He helps us to recognize Him and receive Him by doing some work in our hearts and minds before we will actually respond to Him. Some of that prep work may be giving us knowledge that we lack. Some may have to do with changing some of our attitudes. It’s a matter of getting the heart ready to receive the teacher and His teaching. Repentance is a very crucial component of heart preparation. It is the expression of need, a need to change, a need to be forgiven, a need for Jesus. As a discipler, are you alert to God’s preparatory works? Are you participating in the work that is necessary to get a person ready to receive Christ? FJ14

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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