The Invitation

Read Jn 1.40-51

It’s amazing to see how effective a simple invitation can be. Jesus says,”Follow Me” and they follow Him. Then brothers invite brothers and friends invite friends to come and discover who Jesus is. Pretty soon there was a crowd of folks following Jesus. The ministry of a disciplemaker in the beginning was to simply invite their family and friends to see Jesus. At Ft Benning we practice a very aggressive invitation plan; If it breaths, invite it to chapel or Bible study. Here’s what it sounds like; “Hey man, we have this great Bible study, you ought to come and check it out.” Then we hand them a business card with the time and place. Is that it? That’s it. My personal effectiveness in evangelism has never been better because I’m finding people who are interested in Jesus rather than trying to convince those who are not. Make it a habit to invite 5-10 people to Chapel or Bible study a week and see what happens. FJ21

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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