Selling Jesus

Read John 2.13-22

They had turned worship into a capitalistic venture and the Temple had become a place to make a buck. Jesus’ response? A violent and emotional reaction to the materialistic sins of the people. Turning over tables, making an improvised whip and driving man and beast out of the Temple. This is not your Sunday School Jesus, meek and mild with the little lamb on His shoulders. This really ticked Him off. I wonder what He thinks of Christianity in America today. I know “the workman is worthy of his wages” (Mt 10.10) but I also know that there are intentional strategies developed by stone cold pagans to get rich off of Jesus’ name. I think God can see the difference between the man who is honestly supported by those he ministers to and the publisher or recording studio that is making 87% of the profits. Am I alone here or are you seeing the same kind financial opportunist that Jesus threw out of the Temple?

So how does this apply to me? Quit feeding the machine. Only buy books and music when you need it and not on a whim (especially fad Christian books and music with no substance). Encourage authors and artists to break from big publishing and recording names. If you are writing books or recording music put it on the internet for free or ask for a modest donation. If you feel like your book needs to be in print, get it printed at cost and sell it for a reasonable price (“the workman is worthy of his wages” (Mt 10.10) You’re not going to get rich this way…but that’s the point. FJ24

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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