The Hunt for Truth

Read John 3.1-21

“Are you a teacher in Israel and do not understand these things?” (John 3.10)

As a disciplemaker, I can empathize with Nicodemus. My face flushes red as I read and reflect on my own lack of spiritual insight. But the great thing about this discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus is that they are having it. Jesus is not too busy or put off to spend some time with a guy who ought to know but doesn’t. He certainly knew that Nick could have run back to his self-righteous buddies and further maligned His name. But Jesus makes the investment anyways. And what did it cost Nicodemus? He had to meet Jesus at night, no doubt for fear of being seen with this new religious radical. Nick was at least curios and had the gumption to talk to “the Man.” He was still teachable, still seeking, still searching for the truth. And he doesn’t put his tail between his legs and whimper off when Jesus challenges him on his lack of understanding. He humbled himself. As I read this account, I am comforted by two things. First, Jesus is still willing to teach spiritual knuckleheads. And second, despite our short-comings, we are still exerting the effort to pursue the truth. FJ26

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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