Immediate Adherence

Read Mt 4.18-22, Mk 1.16-20, Lk 5.1-11

Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.
(Matthew 4:20)
Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.
(Mark 1:18)
When they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.
(Luke 5:11)

All three synoptic gospels describe the disciples’ response to His call to follow as immediate and complete. We know from the first chapter of John that Jesus had met them prior to this event and had some relationship with them. But on this day, there was a line of debarkation that Jesus asked these men to cross and they did without hesitation. He had apparently proven Himself worthy and the men saw following Him as their greatest priority.

This is the exact process we are trying to help men and women experience. We introduce them to Jesus, revealing Him through the scripture and our love. Our objective is to help them see Jesus as clearly as possible in order to give them sufficient data and experience to see that He is worthy of following. Sometimes I can do this in one sitting. With others, it may take years. But there comes a point in time where Jesus asks them to make a commitment beyond just investigation. He bids them to leave everything (in principle) and follow Him. A true disciple’s response at this point is unconditional and immediate adherence. The “come and see” phase is over and the “come and follow” has begun. Part of our task in making disciples is to be sensitive to these stages and addressing each with appropriate grace and truth. Sometimes men need more time to consider. Other times they need to be challenged. This takes skill in the disciplemaking process and is usually learned through experience. So be a good studier of people. Be patient and intentional. Help them make the transitions to deeper levels of intimacy and commitment to Christ. FJ48

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