Testimony: Table of Contents

Testimony 1: In the Beginning

Testimony 2: Jesus is Watching You

Testimony 3: Paratrooper Religion

Testimony 4: Afraid of being Left Behind

Testimony 5: The Geographical Solution

Testimony 6: The Geographical Solution Fails

Testimony 7: The Seed is Planted

Testimony 8: Spiritual Melee

Testimony 9: Seeing the Light

Testimony 10: Receiving God’s Plan for My Life

Testimony 11: A New Creature

Testimony 12: What about You?

Testimony 13: A Little Miracle

Testimony 14: An Apostle to the Soldier

Testimony 15: First Steps toward Growth

Testimony 16: Being Discipled

Testimony 17: Life Time Mentor

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Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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