Fellowship: From the Great Theologian, Saint Arnold of Austria (Part 1/2)

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger once told [Joe Weider] that anybody who hangs out with guys who miss workouts, lack enthusiasm for their training and don’t want to push themselves will never be successful. He said that to spend time with those sorts of individuals would be devastating to his goals.”

Mike Owens has developed a little devotional that I thought was well worth passing on. It is centered on a quote from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are three aspects of this quote that certainly rings true not only in body building but in Kingdom building as well. Arnold describes the kind of people you don’t want to hang out with and who will eventually derail you from your goals.

1. Guys who miss workouts – Christians who steer clear of assembling together are not only robbing themselves of vital input for growth but are grossly unbiblical. The writer of Hebrews exhorts us, “not to forsake our assembly together…” (Heb 10.24-25). You want to hang out with people who actually like being together. Not those who see it as a chore or dry obligation. Duty takes the life out of fellowship. It would do us well to assemble and assemble often. I find that believers who fellowship with others at least four times a week are usually living victorious lives for Jesus Christ.

2. Lacks enthusiasm for their training – Believers who see practicing the disciplines as legalism and something to be avoided do not understand the ways of Jesus. Jesus Himself practices basic spiritual disciplines in order to keep His fellowship with the Father in tune. He is a man of the Scriptures (Mt 4.4), prayer (Mk 1.35), fasting (Mt 4.2), solitude (Lk 5.16), and fellowship (Mk3.14). He didn’t practice these out of duty or obligation. He wasn’t trying to impress people. He was “enthusiastic” about His relationship with God and this passion drove Him in these areas of discipline. When you hang out with people who embrace spiritual disciplines with passion (like Jesus) for the sake of growing closer to Christ, you become enthusiastic about them yourself.

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