How to Start a Disciplemaking Ministry (3/5) – Yoked Together in Ministry

And He summoned the twelve and began to send them out in pairs… (Mark 6:7)

He packed up his family, all their belongings, and moved half way across the country to join me in the ministry at Fort Benning. What ignited such commitment? It was the thrill of laboring in the Kingdom together several years earlier and we had forged the bond of brotherhood for the sake of advancing the gospel. Now Rusty and Eleanor Bean have their own fruitful ministry at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The key to Rusty and my success in starting a fruitful ministry was two ingredients: a focus on Jesus and banding together under His Great Commission. We set our hearts to labor together and learn from each another. We prayed together, studied the Word together, and raised our spiritual kids together. We practiced the “with Him” principle (Mk 3.14) and the results are clearly seen today in not just one but two ministries at Fort Benning and Fort Bliss.
Jesus underscores the principle of two laboring together when He sent the disciples out on their mission trips. He sent them out in pairs. It would make sense that if Jesus found it important to start a ministry in this manner, we ought to pay attention and follow His model.

The Book of Ecclesiastes expresses that it can be disastrous if we try to go it alone (Ec 4.9-10). On the other hand, it also suggests there is a multiplication of our efforts when we yoke ourselves with a like-minded laborer. I’ve heard that the pulling power of two oxen does not equal two; it actually equals the multiplied power of 7 1/2.

Disciplemaking is hard work and we need mutual encouragement and support. Pray that God will give you a single minded, like- hearted man to co-labor with in the Kingdom of God (Amos 3.3, Phil 2.2). You will be amazed at the difference this principle will make in your ministry.

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