A Summary of the Living and Discipling Among the Lost

A Summary of Living and Discipling Among the Lost

· It takes persistence and courage to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.
· God leads people to Himself. We simply participate in loving obedience.
· Evangelistic methods are important but ultimately conversion is a work of God.
· The lost are all around us. They are even sitting in the pew next to us in church.
· The far lost are those who will take much time and effort to inch toward Jesus.
· Jesus spent most of His efforts addressing the spiritually hungry.
· Be postured to identify the spiritually hungry and invite them to church or Bible study.
· The more people you invite, the more potential you have of winning someone to Christ.
· The insider is essential. His natural network of relationships allows for a visual authentication of the life transformed by Jesus.
· But, as warm as the insider’s contacts are, most converts tend to be people outside our immediate circles.
· We must reach out to strangers knowing that some are more likely to follow Jesus than the people in our natural circles.
· How I reach out to strangers is as important as initiating the contact.
· What a spiritual seeker is fed is as important as the loving way we approach them. Feed them the Scriptures, feed them Jesus!
· A spiritual leader’s priority is to equip others to do the work of evangelism. This multiplies the efforts for the sake of the Kingdom. Failure to maximize God’s gifts is irresponsible.
· One last time: God leads people to Himself. We simply participate in loving obedience.

This is my 550th post! Keep Following Jesus!

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A Summary of the Living and Discipling Among the Lost

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