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Update from the Woods
Many have been praying and keeping track of our spiritual journey of seeking God’s guidance for the future. We have driven half way across the States and are now in Colorado Springs, CO for a Leadership conference that starts Saturday. These last 36 days have been an excellent concentrated time with the Lord Jesus. I’ve had plenty of time in the Word and Prayer and I feel like the Holy Spirit has spoken to me in some very strong ways. Here’s my summary.

· Repent and enjoy His forgiveness (Ps 32.1-2, Isa 12.1-2, Mat 18.11, 1 Cor 13.8) – I’m so glad I know the grace of God through Christ. The closer to the mirror I get the more blemishes I see. The light would completely destroy me if it weren’t for the knowledge of His work on the cross and Him giving me the desire to place my destiny completely and wholly in His merciful hands.

· I am to die to myself (Ps 37.4-5, Isa 28.23-29, Mat 16.24, 1 Cor 15.36) – The seed must shed its husk, endure decay and finally die to bear its fruit. As counter-intuitive as this may seem, it is the truth. Jesus led by His example. I am His disciple, I will follow His lead.

· I am to trust God by entrusting my future to those who lead me (Ps 32.8, Isa 14.24,27, Mat 14.16-18, 1 Cor 10.33) – I know a major change is coming in my life and ministry. God has asked me to take a leap of faith and trust Him with the future. He has directed me to unreservedly place my future in the hands of Navigator leadership to do with me whatever they see fit. This is His vehicle to develop my faith and direct me to His place for me in the Kingdom. Am I scared? It feels like standing in the door of a C-130 ready to make a parachute drop. Terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

· I am to be a peacemaker everywhere I go (Ps 32.13-14, Isa 27.5, Mat 5.9, 1 Cor 14.33) – I am a diplomat by design. God wired me to lead by bringing others together under one banner. The banner of Christ Jesus and His Kingdom. I have no other message, no other passion.

· I am to be a noble, wise, faithful, sensible, and prudent planner (Ps 44.3, Isa 30.20-21; 32.8, Mat 25.45-47; Mat 25.1-13, 1 Cor 3.10-11) – I am a tactical and strategic thinker by His design. Victory is the end-state not the fight. But the way we fight the good fight has everything to do with participating in the Kings victory. Good results come from good planning, and good planning comes from good character.

· I cannot return or trust Egypt for my fulfillment, identity, or protection (Ps 55.1-8,Isa 30.1-2, Mat 21.22, 1 Cor 6.19, 7.23) – I cannot rest in those things that are familiar and comfortable to me. I could use my MS as an excuse to retreat into a pathetic state of “morphine” until I die, but I will not. I could rest on the minimal finances of my retirement and not trust God for the expenses associated with a traveling/leading ministry, but I will not. I could rest on my laurels and tell old war and ministry stories, but I will not. I will trust Jesus and march on into the land of Canaan to press the fight.

· I will see His glory as I wait patiently on Him (Ps 29.4, Isa 35.2, Mat 24.30, 1 Cor 15.42-43) – I can see His glory now but I will soon see it even more and ultimately I will see His glory in full. I press on toward the high calling of God. I will do everything for His glory and cast my crown at His feet.

I can’t say that I understand completely what these things mean, but it is encouraging and gives me hope and faith for the future.

On that note I will be in some pretty significant meetings this week that will determine what my ministry will look like in the future. To be honest, I have no clue how the Navigators are going to lead me. But one thing is clear, I am to die to self and trust God by entrusting myself to their leadership. So pray that God’s will be done. Thanks for being with me during this journey and praying. I am a blessed man to have so many faithful friends. Deb and I should return to Ft Benning by Easter.

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