A Personal Tragedy Averted

The Wise Master Builder (Part 19)

‘But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. (Revelation 2:4)

After 25 years of being a “Christian” I was jolted into a stark reality. I was sharing some monumental theological concept with my lifetime mentor when he turned to me and asked, “Chuck, what does that have to do with Jesus?” I angrily thought, “Connect the dots man! We are talking about spiritual things aren’t we?” But as I began to reflect, I realized it didn’t have anything to do with the Master, in fact much of my ministry had very little to do with Jesus. I had drifted from my intentional relationship with Christ into the plastic concerns of theology and ministry techniques. Don’t get me wrong, theology and ministry are essential to disciple making. But when Christ is conspicuously missing from our religious ramblings, they’ve become nothing more than manure (Phil 3.8). That day I quit following ideas and methods and began to follow Jesus with a refocused zeal to be like Him (Lk 6.40, 1 Jn 2.6).

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