John 16.1-11


That we would listen carefully to the words of Jesus and we wouldn’t fall away

The Father would protect us from the world but we’d be willing to be persecuted for the Name of Jesus

That the Holy Spirit will work powerfully in us and the people around us

Observations on John 16.1-11

Jesus spoke these words to keep the disciples from falling away 1

He says they will ostracize them from religious meetings 2

He says people will think they are doing God a favor by killing His disciples 2

He says the world does these things because the world doesn’t know Him or the Father 3

He spoke these things so that at the right time they will remember 4

He didn’t tell these things because He was with them 4

He tells them He’s going to be with the Father 5

He says none is asking where is He going 5 (?)

He spoke these things and it made them sad 6

He said it was to their advantage that He’s going away because they will have the HS 7

He says when the HS comes He will convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment 8

He says the HS will convict of sin because they don’t believe in Jesus 9

He says the HS will convict of righteousness because He’s leaving to be with the Father 10

He says the HS will convict of judgment because Satan has been judged 9

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