John 16.29-33


Help us remember that Jesus has overcome the world

Embolden our faith as we read and trust your words

Help us to pass on this great confidence in the person of Jesus Christ as our example for life and ministry

Observations on John 16.29-33

Jesus had quite the impact on the Disciples when He started speaking plainly (would it have been the same if He hadn’t started with the mysterious approach?) 29

Jesus had laid the ground work for faith with His words and works but now makes it easier on them as He speaks plainly 30

It seems Jesus did not have complete confidence in their faith by His response to their statement 31-32

He predicts that they will abandon Him 32

He expresses His confidence and peace in the Father 32

Although He may not have complete confidence in their faith, He intends His words for the bolstering of their faith and encouragement in times of trouble 33

Jesus has overcome the world 33

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