John 17.6-11

Prayers of the Day

Those in the Army work would see Jesus on par with the Father

We would find those lost sheep that belong to the Father and Jesus

That we as an Army would have the same unity as the Father and Jesus did

Observations from John 17.6-11

Jesus made the Father’s name known to those whom the Father had given Him 6
He says these people belonged to the Father and were given to Him by the Father 6
He says they kept the Father’s word 6
He says Now they know 7
He says they know everything given to Jesus is from the Father 7
He gave them the words of the Father 8
He says the disciples received these words and believe that Jesus came from the Father 8
Jesus is praying for them, the ones given to Him 9
He is not praying for the world 9
He’s praying for the ones who belong to the Father 9
He says All who belong to the Father belong to Him 10
Jesus says He’s glorified in His Disciples 10
He says He is no longer in the world but His disciple are in the world 11
He tells the Father He is coming to Him 11
He asks the Father to keep them in His name 11
He wants His disciples to be unified as He and the Father are unified 11

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