John 17.20-26

Prayers of the Day (Yesterday 3/100, remember to go to the Blog and leave a prayer or your initials. Thanks for praying!)

Pray for the Navigator Staff and Laborers at Fort Sill, Hood, and Bliss will continue to be richly blessed for the Kingdom sake

That we will be unified in the Army work in such a way that it glorifies God and leads men and women to Him

That the Love of God and Jesus Himself will be seen in us

Observations from John 17.20-26

Jesus doesn’t just pray for the 11, but for all who will believe through their testimony 20
He prays for our unity to be like the God-head’s unity 21
He prays that our unity will lead to a world believing the Father sent Jesus 21
He prays the same glory given to Him will be given to the disciples for the sake of unity 22 (So God does share His glory!)
He prays for perfect oneness between God and those who believe in Him 23
He prays unity will lead to others believing the Father sent the Son 23
He expresses His desire for His Disciples to be with Him in heaven 24
He prays that they will see the glory that was given to Him 24
He acknowledges that the Father has loved Him since the foundation of the earth 24
He calls the Father righteous 25
He says the world doesn’t know the Father but He does 25
He says the disciples have believed that Jesus was sent by God 25
He says He made God’s name known and will continue to make it known to the disciples 26
He prays the love of God and Jesus Himself will be in them 26

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