The Calling of Moses (Ex 4.10-16)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 16/100)

May we use our words carefully and may they be from God (Ps 19.14)

Here are prayer requests from Major Jim and Wendy Cameron in Hawaii

Wisdom in ministry for all of us as we figure out how best to pursue the Kingdom here at Schofield

Laborers–especially an enlisted soldier and a young officer

Continued favor with the Chaplains and local staff

For God’s Spirit to continue to work in our ministry and in the hearts of the soldiers here–and that we would trust in Him

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Observations on the Calling of Moses (Ex 4.10-16)

Moses appeals to God a third time noting his poor ability to speak 10

The LORD reminds him who created the mouth and tongue 11

God tells Moses to go and He will put the words in Moses’ mouth 12

Moses’ final appeal to God was to send someone else 13

This final appeal made God angry 14

But even in God’s anger with Moses He is still patient and gives Moses a substitute mouth (his brother Aaron) 14

God says He will give Moses the words to give to Aaron and directly to Aaron as well 15

God says He will teach them what to do 15

God says that Aaron will be Moses’ mouth piece to the people 16

God says that the words spoken by Moses are as good as God’s words themselves 16

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