The Calling of Samuel (1 Sam 3.1-21)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 14/100)

Help us to hear your voice

Help us know and fulfill our calling

Give us courage to speak Your Words

Pray for the Bible Study at Ft Leonard Wood being lead by Adam Akers

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Observations from the Calling of Samuel (1 Sam 3.1-21)

God spoke to Samuel in time where hearing from Him was rare 1

Samuel was sleeping near the Ark! 2

The LORD’s voice was undistinguishable and God had to speak three times 4-10

Another man had to tell Samuel it was the voice of God 8-9

The calling was initiated by speaking Samuel’s name 10

God reveals His intentions for the house of Eli 11-14

Samuel reveals the judgment to Eli 15-18

Samuel grew into His calling and was confirmed by the people 19-21

Samuel’s calling was to do something simple and grew into being a important leader for the house of Israel 19-21

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