The Calling of Timothy

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 7/100. We need to recruit more prayer warriors to the effort. Please join me in asking folks to become a member of the Centurion Prayer Team)

Pray for the healing of Doug Cote, one of our staff at Ft Bragg, who has leukemia and has contracted pneumonia. This is a very dangerous combination

Pray for the communications aspect of my leadership in the Army Nav Ministry that I would inform, inspire, and encourage

Pray for the ministry at Ft Stewart (Staff: John and Sarah Beth Kreitzer)

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Observations from the Call of Timothy

Timothy was recruited by Paul to accompany him on the mission (Act 16.1-3)

Timothy came out of good stock being discipled by his mother and grandmother (2 Tim 1.5)

Throughout Paul’s writings to Timothy he give strong exhortation to fulfill his gifting as a spiritual leader (1 Tim 1.3,18, 4.12,14, 6.20, 2 Tim 1.8-9, 4.5)

Paul assumes that there will be a natural reproduction of Timothy’s calling (2 Tim 2.2)

Although there is certainly a spiritual/mystical component to Timothy’s calling, most of his calling is realized in Paul’s training and exhortation to be an godly effective overseer/elder (esp. in Ephesus)

Besides the example of the 12 and Timothy a key verse for the calling of God to vocational ministry as a natural/logical pursuit is 1 Tim 3.1-7.

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