Jesus in Genesis (Gen 17.19, 22.8, 22.18, 26.2-5)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 26/100. We are doing pretty good, we have about a quarter of our team consistently praying on a daily basis. Keep recruiting and great job!)

Pray that we would thoroughly equip laborers to impart the message of the Lamb of God

That we would see our descendants like the stars in the sky, like the mustard seed, like yeast as we practice the promises we have inherited in Christ

Pray for Fort Gordon (Andy and Gwen Chandler)

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Jesus in Genesis (Gen 17.19, 22.8, 22.18, 26.2-5)

Jesus came from the seed of Isaac (Gen 17.19, Rom 9.7)

He is the Lamb that was provided as the sacrifice for the world (Gen 22.8, Jn 1.29)

He came from Isaac’s seed and will bless the nations (Gen 22.18, Gal 4.28)

He is part of a promise to vastly multiply His descendants (Gen 26.2-5, Mat 13.31-33)

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