Jesus in Ephesians (1.15-23)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 0/100. Ok, I’m back on the net. Our high was 36 people praying daily and we are shooting for 100. Thanks for your commitment!)

Pray for a strong faith in Him to trust Him in all circumstances

That our prayers would be in keeping with His power and ability

Pray for Fort Lewis (Staff: Wesley and Johnena Drake, Isaac Fones, Andrew and Cindy Stroud)

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Jesus in Ephesians (1.15-23)

Jesus merits our faith in Him 15

He is worthy of our intelligent search and discovery revealed by divine inspiration 17-18

He gives hope in His calling 18

He gives a rich glorious inheritance 18

He demonstrates power toward those who believe in accordance to His Divine power 19-20

He was raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of God 20

His authority is far above any other rule, authority, power or dominion 21

His name is above all other names past, present, or future 21

His Father put everything under His feet 22

His Father made Him the head of the church 22

His body is the church, His fullness all in all 23

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