Jesus in the Gospel of John (6.26-51)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 20/100)

Pray that we would have the spiritual hunger to seek Jesus (eat the Bread of Life)

That we would search for and find those whom the Father is calling to Jesus

Pray for Fort Bliss (Staff: Rusty and Eleanor Bean, Allan and Tiffany Taylor)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (6.26-51)

Jesus called the people out for their lack of spiritual hunger 26-27

He gives spiritual food that leads to eternal life 27

He has the seal of God on Him 27

He is the object of faith that our Father wants us to work at believing 29

He was sent by the Father 29

He corrects them on their interpretation of Scripture 32

He calls Himself the Bread of Life 35

He is the answer to spiritual hunger and thirst 36

He only receives the people that God has given to Him and He can’t loose any 37

He came to do the will of the one Who sent Him 38

He will raise up those who believe in the last day 39

He is the object of our faith by which we can receive eternal life 40

He came from heaven 42

He calls the people out for grumbling 43

He only receives the people the Father draws to Him 44

He is the one the Father teaches 45

He has seen God the Father 46

He is the Bread of Life 48

He came down from heaven and we are to spiritually consume Him 50

He gives life to the world 51

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