Jesus in the Gospel of John (7.1-24)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 27/100)

Pray that we would help people recognize Jesus for who He really is

That we would be bold and courageous in proclaiming the gospel

Pray for Fort Bragg (Staff: Dennis and Shirley Abell, Sue Alspach, Dave and Marilyn Coffield, Doug and Kim Cote, John and Jeannie Hamilton, Tom and Paula Hess, Ben and Betts Kayser, David and Karen Linquist, Alonzo and Dana Murray, John and Jess Snyder)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (7.1-24)

Jesus remains in Galilee because Judea was too dangerous 1

His brother tried to chide Him into a public declaration 3-4

His own brothers did not believe in Him 5

He had a since of timing 6, 8

He was hated by the world 7

He was hated by the world because He confronted sin 7

He was clandestine in His ministry 10

He was being sought by the Jews (Leaders) at the feast 11

He was not clearly identified by the crowds and there was not agreement on who He was 12-13

He taught in the temple even though He knew they wanted to kill Him 14

He had no formal education but spoke as one who did have an education 15

His teaching was not His own but the Father’s who sent Him 16

He didn’t speak for Himself 17

He was seeking the glory of God 18

He had no unrighteousness in Him 18

He knew that they wanted to kill Him for apparent infractions against the Law 19

He justifies His actions by a correct interpretation of the Law 21-23

His judgments are righteous 24

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