Jesus in the Gospel of John (8.1-30)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 22/100)

Pray that we would learn the art of retreating to God and spending time with Him in solitude

Pray that we would understand and practice His calling in our lives (to be completely self-aware in Him)

Pray for Fort Carson (Staff: Felix and Amor Colonnieves, Lee and Glenna Gilbert, Don and Susan Hankins, Bob and Betty Lovvorn, Joseph and Katherine Peer, Jim and Paige Smith, Joel and Donna Yourkowski)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (8.1-30)

Jesus spent time on the Mt of Olives 1

He continued coming to the temple to teach 2

He was tested by the religious leaders on matters of life, death, and the Law 3-6

He wrote something in the dirt 6

He used the Law against the religious leaders and confronted them on their own sin 7

He went back to writing in the dirt 8

He saved the women’s life without condoning her sin 10

He did not condemn her 11

He told her to sin no more 11

He said He was the Light of the world 12

His followers will not walk in darkness but have the light of life 12

He testified rightly about Himself 14

He was completely self-aware 14-18

He was not judging anyone 15

He would judge in truth if He did judge because He came from the Father 16

He refers to the law as “their law” 17

He was one witness who testified of Himself and the other was the Father 18

He told the religious leaders they didn’t know God 19

He wasn’t captured because it wasn’t His time yet 20

He told them He was going away and they couldn’t come to where He was going 21

He told them they would die in their sins 21

He told them they were from this world and He was from above 23

He told them unless they believed in Him they would die in their sins 24

He told them He had been telling them who He was since the beginning 25

He had so many things to tell them and to judge concerning them 26

He said the Father is true 26

He spoke to the world 26

He told them when they lifted Him up (crucified Him) they would understand 28

He was always abiding in God and God in Him 29

He always did what pleased God 29

He caused many to believe in Him with these words 30

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