Jesus in the Gospel of John (8.31-59)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 21/100)

Pray that we would be those who know and keep Jesus’ words

Pray that we would follow Jesus’ example of carefully following the Father’s will and glorifying Him

Pray for Fort Eustis and Gordon (Staff: Laurin and Marilyn White, Andy and Gwen Chandler)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (8.31-59)

He expects His disciples to listen to His words and obey them 31

He gives words of truth and freedom 32

He makes the distinction between slavery and sonship 35-36

His words were not received by everyone 37

He spoke what He had seen in the Father 38

He calls them into account for their deeds 39

He heard the truth from God and told them the same 40

He did not come on His own initiative but was sent by God 42

He asks the rhetorical question “why can’t you understand?” 43

He says that their father was the devil 44

He says that the devil is a liar and a murderer 44

He spoke the truth 45

He asked them to point out any sin in His life 46

He says only those who belong to God can hear His words 47

He was not demon possessed 49

He honored the Father 49

He sought glory for the Father 50

He says if anyone keeps His word, they wont see death 51

He says God will glorify Him 54

He knows God and keeps His word 55

He was known by Abraham and he rejoice over His day 56

He said He existed before Abraham 58

He referred to Himself as “I Am” 58

He escapes death 59

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